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Getting Press Coverage for your Real Estate Business

Local press coverage isn’t just for big brands. Realtors can get a story on the local news and reap the rewards that come with positive local publicity. No matter which type of media outlet, from print media to the local TV news, if you submit a great story, you can land local press coverage and capture the interest of journalists and the public alike.

The How To:

The most critical piece of contacting the media is your pitch. Before you begin writing, find a newsworthy angle based on your type of press release, then craft your story around that. Start with a draft of your general concept, write a headline that hints at the angle without giving it all away, then fine-tune it by putting the most compelling information at the forefront of your email to hook the journalist early.

Make sure you include the city, province, and date of your news story along with your announcement. You also want to be sure to use the most objective language possible and end with contact information and a clear call to action.

Your next step to get local press coverage, and hopefully get your story on the news, is to identify which local media outlets would be the best to send your story to.

Here are the different types of outlets to look for in your area:
– Local print coverage
– Local radio stations
– Local websites
Now that you have a list of the print media, news stations, and websites you want to cover your story, it’s time to find local press to contact with your pitch. One way to identify the right press contacts is to find journalists who regularly cover similar stories. Then, locate their direct email addresses by reviewing the publication or their social media profiles, using email finders to find direct email addresses, or by calling the media outlet to request the information.

A few things to consider:

1. Have a personalized greeting: Each pitch should be personalized for the contact, such as personalizing the message for a specific journalist who covers the subject area of your story.

2. Eye-catching subject line: Pitches sent via email must include an intriguing subject line if you want them to get opened. It should indicate what the email is about and interest the recipient enough to open it to learn more.

3. Body copy with pertinent information: This should be personalized to each journalist by answering the following questions: 1) Why should the recipient (and their audience) be interested? 2) What are the key points? 3) Why do they need to act fast? and 4) Where can they get more information?

Now, a few ideas!

1. A very cool house
2. A sales story that would get people excited (or scared!)
3. A transaction that defied market conditions
4. Something feel good regarding a specific deal that tugs on heartstrings
5. Information that informs the public about real estate that would be considered newsworthy based on the current market.

Good luck! And, worst case scenario, you have something fabulous to share on your own blog, LinkedIn or Facebook page.


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