Our Managers have decades of specialized real estate experience

We choose to have the best managers and staff in our industry—a highly skilled and experienced team determined to make a difference for YOU, our Realtor, and ultimately your clients. We perform at a high level so you can do the same; CIR REALTORS® demand nothing less and deserve nothing less. Unlike many other real estate companies, CIR REALTY’s staff and management team are not distracted by listing or selling real estate themselves, because those jobs belong to you — our primary duty is to equip you with everything you need to provide the best real estate experience possible!

Meet our team

Lindsey Smith

Co-Owner & Manager of Professional Development

Steve Phillips


Kirsten Smith

Marketing Manager

Chloe Mitchell

South Broker Delegate

David Anderson

NE Broker Delegate

Terence Walsh

NW - Broker Delegate

Kevin Leung

DT Broker Delegate

Kristin Wood

Division Manager & Broker Delegate

Ryan Smith

Broker Delegate

Ron Stader


& Conveyancing

When it all comes down to it, making sure your paperwork is complete and your money is safe top the list of your most important needs. Our team of professionals are here to make sure nothing stands in the way of a successful transaction and you getting paid exactly when you expect to.


Our in-house marketing teams consists of a Marketing Manager, Digital Marketing Coordinator, Multimedia Coordinator and numerous in-house Graphic Artists to ensure you are equipped with professional, engaging marketing materials that are unique to your business and your clients.

Professional Development

With numerous courses taught in house and streamed online every week, our managers, staff and industry partners are always teaching a variety of courses aimed to add value to you at any stage of your real estate career. Our Professional Development staff are dedicated to ensuring the changing needs of our Realtors are met with the right educational opportunities.


Our non-selling team of Broker Delegates are available full time to assist you with all aspects of your business, from coaching and contracts to business building and multiple offers. Your questions will always be answered and you will never be left waiting for support.

& Administration

Our reception and concierge team are our front line when it comes to directing you to the resources you need or assisting you with day to day administrative tasks - just ask us and we will see how we can be or service!

Specialized staff
and Management

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