Are You Asking Your Brokerage the Right Questions? 


questions TO consider

There are a number of key considerations that range from brand, to support, to training.

Foundation and Ownership

Is the brokerage locally owned and operated or are there multiple layers of decision-makers?

Where are they ranked in regard to market share in Calgary?

How financially stable are they to withstand periodic economic downturns?

Professional Development

Does the brokerage have a full-time Professional Development Manager?

What programs are available assisting professional development at the beginning of a career or to supercharge an experienced Realtor’s business?

How is technology used to enhance your training?


Does the brokerage have a full-time Marketing Manager?

What is the marketing budget for the current year and how is it allocated?

Are the Realtor’s marketing contributions being spent locally?

Does the brokerage have in-house systems to automate your marketing to help you stay in touch with your clients?


What specific type of events does the brokerage provide for the Realtors and their clients?

Is the company culture collaborative, and are other associates willing to help?

What are their current Realtors saying about the company?

management and support

Does the brokerage have multiple managers handling specialized roles or does one person fill several roles?

Does the management compete with the Realtors for sales?

Do the Realtors have access to multiple offices and facilities?


Do all the Realtors have their own Virtual Office and what is included?

How extensive is the technology use in the offices?

Is support readily available to assist and teach you about all the technology tools?

Make sure you choose a brokerage that you are proud to represent, and that offers you the help and support your need to build your business as big as you want it to be.

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