"We don't rise to the level of our expectations, we fall to the level of our training (and systems)" - Archilochus.

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We love the fact that Real Estate is a profession that you get exactly what you put into it! Unfortunately, too often in our industry, great potential can be wasted due to a lack of support, training, systems and strategies. We want you to succeed, and in our confidential meeting we will discuss items like:

Identify the potential within you and your business

Remove the uncertainty of where your next deal will come from through proven marketing strategies

Review proven systems and training to establish a strong business foundation

How to elevate business to the next level 

Realize the advantage to a collaborative community

Recognize the benefits of contribution



Lindsey Smith

Co-Owner & Manager of Professional Development

Chloe Mitchell

South Broker Delegate

Ryan Smith

Broker Delegate

David Anderson

NE Broker Delegate

Kirsten Faverin

Marketing Manager

Terence Walsh

NW - Broker Delegate

Steve Phillips

Broker & Downtown Manager

Kristin Wood

Division Manager | Broker Delegate

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