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We’re different than other real estate brands and brokerages. We believe our number one job is to LET YOU SHINE. This means we recognize the importance of using personal branding in a way that lets you differentiate yourself and helps you build a unique identity for your own business.

CIR focuses on helping me build my brand and my business, where the majority of other real estate companies expect the Realtor to build the company's brand and their own business.
Tamara Nellissen

"The market belongs to those who market." - Jason Pantana

Marketing Team

Our team of marketing and design specialists are highly trained in the niche of real estate marketing. From custom design and brand creation to social media, websites, content writing, community farming, mailouts, email campaigns and event planning - we do it all. Whether you are looking to take a hand on approach or completely delegate out your marketing and advertising, our concierge style service has a solution for every business at every stage.

In-House Design + Print Center

Our in-house Print and Design Center has state of the art equipment and paper products to turn around orders for things like feature sheets, business cards, brochures, postcards, greeting cards and calendars often within just 24 hours.

Social Media Assistance

From a digital marketing perspective, our team is constantly creating personalized social media content that you can access at the click of a button to help you generate leads, connect with your database and advertise your listings. Need help running social media ads? We can assist you with that too.



While we know the CIR brand is a stamp of confidence for consumers and the real estate industry as a whole. Therefore we firmly believe that allowing REALTORS® to combine the power of our brand with their brand is absolutely in the best interest of the Realtor – and that is what we stand for.


We allow realtors to create and use custom signage, marketing materials and personal logos! They can use them whenever and wherever they would like. The only thing we ask is to have the CIR brand  clearly represented as well.

Your clients choose to work with YOU. They know you have the full support of a strong, stable and market leading brokerage behind you. While the brokerage you belong to will always be critically important, by no means should it be more important that you and your business.  If you are at a brokerage that restricts the use of personal branding, you need to ask yourself if your interests and your business are being put first  or if the brand of the brokerage is putting their own goals ahead of your own.

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