To keep up in the Real Estate market and become an industry leader it is vital to have a social media presence. Learn tips, tricks, and techniques as a Realtor to reach your full business potential on Instagram!


Take the Real Estate Market by Storm Through social media

This guide will take you through the steps to set-up your Real Estate Instagram Business Page, tips on how to get the best results, and much more!

The guide covers the reasoning behind the use of social media for Real Estate. It also dives into the fundamentals of  Personal Profiles and Business Pages in order for Realtors to have an in-depth understanding of the platform.

CIR REALTY has provided Realtors with a step-by-step instruction guide to create a Instagram Business Page, optimize the ‘about’ section, and optimize ‘message’ settings in order to serve your followers content seamlessly.

Many Realtors struggle with growing their Instagram followers, especially from scratch! CIR expands on multiple approaches Realtor’s can take in order to make this following grow daily! 

Half the battle of Social Media is trying to understand what users would like to see for content. The guide goes through basic rules that help outline what type of content to post, where to get it, and how to distribute it!

There are busy and slow times in every day of every market. The guide expands on the best times to post for users and how to schedule posts in advance so Realtor’s can focus on selling!

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No worries! The guide is available for download on any device no matter where you are.

No matter where you are it is easy to follow the step-by-step guide in order to make your Facebook Business Page top quality. Meta is an amazing tool, if utilized properly, that can really produce results. Take the time to set-up your Business Page properly in order to generate more leads and retain your clients!


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