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Design your own life! – Steve Phillips

Last month we talked about the risks of goal setting and being too focused on certain aspects of your life, and neglecting others.

If you have taken the effort to determine what a more rounded life looks like for you, with goals in all areas of your life, now is the exciting part. You get to truly design your own life!!

As you get to choose who you want to be, and the life you want to live, a critical component to achieving success in your design is setting appropriate boundaries. I find that many successful people in the Real Estate Industry are service based, and tend to put the needs of others above their own. In one way, this is incredibly beneficial as we have a fiduciary duty to do so, but in others it becomes detrimental. By not setting appropriate boundaries in different areas of your life you can feel taken advantage of, and become frustrated, irritated, annoyed and bitter. Remember, there is no such thing as invisible boundaries so if you don’t clearly communicate the boundaries of your relationship, whether it be with clients, spouses, friends or kids, you are not setting yourself up for success.

To design the life that you want to live, both so you can enjoy it today as well as in the future, set your goals in all aspects of your life. Then, define and communicate the boundaries that you have in each area of your life with the people that are involved in your life, personal and professional. Accomplish healthy boundaries, have clearly defined goals in all areas of your life, and achieve the life of your design!

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