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That “I just got a card in the mail” Feeling – Kirsten Smith

One of the best ways to show your gratitude or thoughtfulness towards someone is to write a handwritten note. Writing an email or making a call to say ‘thank you’ or ‘thinking of you’ are both good ways to connect, but handwritten notes really make the person receiving them feel special.

Writing a personalized note by hand shows the person that you have good intentions for continuing the relationship by showing them that they are valuable enough to merit the time, effort and thought that it takes to pop something in the mail during the age of instant and easy email communication. It shows continuing this relationship is important to you.

The technological age that we live in can often feel very cold and impersonal. Everything is typed out and viewed on a screen, and there can feel like there is no sense of true connection in our day to day communications. This lack of personal “touch” can lead some people to long for “the good old days.” In fact, in 2019, the handwritten letter made a comeback. This trend is a perfect demonstration of the value of gold old fashioned communication!

Getting a great handwritten card can trigger a sense of nostalgia in the recipient, which is often associated with a really positive feeling. The fact that they can hold and touch a physical token of your appreciation will make an impression that won’t be easily forgotten.

Each and every one of us knows how great it feels to be appreciated and thought of, and we all want to know that our contributions are important and that people are appreciative of our efforts. All it takes to let someone know this is a simple little card. Try sending even just two a day to your database and see what happens.

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