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150 (or more) People to Add to Your Database Right Now!

Think you don’t know anyone? We can prove you wrong!

Here is a list of 150 ideas to help you brainstorm people to add to your real estate database:

1 What are the names of the members of your family?
2 What are the names of your spouse’s family?
3 What are the names of your “extended” family?
4 What is the name of your best friend?
5 What is the name of your spouse’s best friend?
6 What are the names of your very close friends?
7 What are the names of your spouse’s very close friends?
8 What are the names of your children’s friends’ parents?
9 What are your children’s teachers’ names?
10 What are your children’s coaches’ names?
11 What are your children’s principals’ names?
12 What are your children’s dentists’ names?
13 What are your children’s doctors ‘names?
14 What are your children’s optometrists’ names?
15 Who cuts your children’s hair?
16 Who sells you your children’s clothes?
17 Who is your children’s school bus driver?
18 Who is your children’s Sunday school teacher?
19 Who cuts your hair?
20 Who does your dry cleaning?
21 Who does your pedicures, manicures, facials?
22 Who do you purchase gasoline from?
23 Who services your car(s)?
24 Who do you buy tires from?
25 Who sold you your current car(s)?
26 Who have you purchased cars from in the past?
27 Who cleans your car(s)?
28 Who is your mailman?
29 Who do you know at your church?
30 Who do you see at the convenience store you most often go to?
31 Who is your pharmacist?
32 Who is your doctor(s)?
33 Who is your spouse’s doctor(s)?
34 Who is your Pastor, Minister, Priest, Bishop, Rabbi?
35 Who owes you money?
36 What is the name of your favourite teller at the bank?
37 Who do you borrow money from at the bank?
38 Who is your stock broker?
39 Who is your financial planner?
40 Who prepares your taxes?
41 Who does your accounting?
42 Who is your Veterinarian?
43 Who grooms your pets?
44 Who takes care of your pets when you’re out of town?
45 Who did you get your pets from?
46 Who have you given your pet’s babies to?
47 Who owns your favourite restaurant?
48 Who waits on you most frequently at your favourite restaurant?
49 What is the name of your favourite bartender?
50 Who do you routinely see at your favourite bar or nightclub?
51 Who do you know on a first name basis at your country club?
52 Who do you play golf with?
53 Who do you ski with?
54 Who do you talk to at your health club?
55 Who do you play racquetball with?
56 Who do you play tennis with?
57 Who do you attend your children’s sporting events with?
58 Who do you go to concerts with?
59 Who do you go to the movies with?
60 Who do you go to the plays, theatres, galleries or museums with?
61 Who do you go to breakfast with, and who do you talk to?
62 Who is your attorney?
63 Who would you call if you had an air-conditioning problem?
64 Who is your pest control person?
65 Who would you call to fix your roof?
66 Who would you call if you had an electrical problem?
67 Who picks up your trash?
68 Who is your Federal Express person?
69 Who mows your lawn / shovels your snow?
70 Who did your landscaping?
71 Who built your house?
72 Who is your landlord?
73 What is the name of the agent who insures your home?
74 What is the name of the agent who sold you your life insurance?
75 What is the name of the agent who handles your car insurance?
76 Who did you get your tattoo from?
77 Who do you buy your clothes from?
78 Who is your tailor / seamstress / dressmaker?
79 Who do you buy make-up and/or cosmetics from?
80 Who did you buy your computer from?
81 Who fixes your computer?
82 Who fixes your other small appliances?
83 Who is your travel agent?
84 Who is your printer?
85 Who did you receive Christmas cards from last year?
86 Who did you send Christmas cards to last year?
87 Who changes your oil?
88 Who do you buy arts and crafts from?
89 Who do you buy furniture from?
90 Who repairs or upholsters your furniture?
91 Who do you buy office supplies from?
92 Who do you buy your liquor from?
93 Who do you buy your meat from?
94 Who do you buy seafood from?
95 Who do you buy hardware from?
96 Who do you know in law enforcement?
97 Who do you know in politics?
98 Who have you done business with in the past?
99 Who do you know at service organization meetings? (Optimist, Lion’s Club, etc)
100 Who do you know from fraternal organizations? (Elks, Masons, etc.)
101 Who do you know from social organizations you’re a member of?
102 Who do you know from trade or industry groups that you belong to?
103 Who do you buy carpets, drapes, appliances from?
104 Who are your old high school classmates? (Get out your yearbook)
105 Who are your old coaches?
106 Who are your old teachers that are still around?
107 Who are your old principals that are still around?
108 Who are your old fraternity/sorority, brothers/sisters who are still around?
109 Who are your old college buddies that are still around?
110 Who are your old military friends that are still around?
111 Who is your florist?
112 Who do you rent movies from?
113 Who did you invite to your wedding?
114 Who are your neighbours?
115 Who did you buy your motorcycle from?
116 Who did you buy your motor home / camper from?
117 Who is your jeweler?
118 Who repairs your jewelry?
119 Who is your photographer?
120 Who develops your pictures?
121 Who do you buy your electronics from? (TV, stereo, etc.)
122 Who do you know in your homeowner’s association?
123 What are the names of your previous neighbours?
124 Who do you know from the daycare center?
125 What are the names of your spouse’s past neighbors?
126 What are the names of your parents’ best friends?
127 What are the names of your spouse’s co-workers?
128 Who do you buy advertising from?
129 Who are the suppliers and vendors who come into your workplace?
130 Who is currently trying to sell you something?
131 Who made your will / living trust?
132 Who baptized your children?
133 Who married you? (Minister, Justice of the Peace, etc)
134 Who delivers your water?
135 Who do you buy shoes from?
136 Who maintains your safety and security systems?
137 Who are your bowling buddies?
138 Who do you play cards with?
139 Who handles your communications equipment? (cell phones, etc)
140 Who would lend you $100 with a phone call?
141 Who did you buy your boat from?
142 Who is your furnace repairman?
143 Who is your mover?
144 Who do you know at the tanning salon?
145 Who do you buy pizza from?
146 Who are the students in the classes you took?
147 Who follows you on Twitter or who do you follow?
148 Who do you follow on Instagram?
149 Who are your LinkedIn connections?
150 Who are your Facebook friends?

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