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CIR Mentorship Program

Learning, Collaboration, Accountability

The Program | CIR REALTY’s unique Mentorship Program is intended to help you reach the next level in your business through learning, collaboration, and accountability. We provide you with an experienced Mentor, timely and relevant content, and a dynamic group of peers who are dedicated to growing their business.

The Commitment | Each group meets once per month for approximately three hours. During that time, you will discuss your business challenges and successes, and spend time learning about that month’s assigned topic which is always relevant to helping your business grow. You are expected to attend every meeting and complete all assignments (your homework is always applicable to your current business). We will ask you to attend an orientation and sign a contract before placing you in a group. After all, your group members, your clients, and your business rely on your commitment to yourself!

For more information, contact the CIR Professional Development Centre at 403-271-0600 or [email protected].


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At CIR REALTY we make the business of real estate easy. If you are a currently licensed Realtor, or are in the process of getting licensed, meet with us and let us show you why CIR is the best place for you to have a profitable, sustainable and enjoyable real estate career.

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