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Why You Need to Slow Down Before You Speed Up

I hear it over and over again, I don’t have time… I don’t have time to fix the process, to train someone up, to go to the gym, to breathe, eat, and sleep. I don’t have time to take my partner on a date, go for that hike, or to hang out with my friends. Here is a dose of reality; you do. You do have time to do ALL those things, but you aren’t doing them because something else is taking priority over it. Let’s go on a journey, a journey where you take 5 minutes (right now) to step back out of your whirlwind and think about what you want, what you REALLY want. (Seriously, stop reading for 5 minutes and just think about that). Presumably, that life you just thought up might have a component of financial stability, or a deep desire to help people, etc, that can be fulfilled by this awesome career you are in! The real challenge here is taking the time and truly slowing down to put the processes in place, to allow you to actually live the life you want, both inside and outside of your work life. If you could take that step back, and really look at your business from an objective place and think about how your business could become more effective and efficient, the last thing you’d likely do is just keep going full steam ahead until you burn out. Yes, that means you might need to say no to a few things to take the time to train up an assistant or buyers agent, or get your paperwork procedures in place so you aren’t constantly scrambling, or prepare a bulletproof listing presentation (or just download ours!), or write a training manual for your team, or simply organize your files so you aren’t taking unnecessary time every time you need something. I promise you that if you take that time now to slow down and fix the bumpy not-so-great things in your work world, as painful as it might be, you can speed up again… and it will feel SO much better when you do. Just think of yourself as a business coach for your own business, your future self will thank you!

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