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Use a Dang Script… and Templates

“Ugh… really Lindsey?! That’s so inauthentic and I just want to be natural, listen to the client and respond appropriately.” Yeah, I can already hear your inner voice.

Well, it is my belief that if you are not using a script, then you just haven’t sold a lot of real estate, or you may not know what you are doing. How do I know that? Because selling real estate is very repetitive. Selling and buying clients go through the same steps with almost every transaction and therefore, we have to send the same emails, texts and of course, we say the same things.

That means that although you have not written it down, you do use a script and if you sell a lot of real estate, you likely use your scripts and templates often. You probably even use the same jokes to add humour at the same parts of the transaction as well.

Since you say and type the same things often, you should be thoughtful and deliberate to increase the effectiveness of your messaging. You should even write it down. If you continually focus on improving your business, you will get busy enough to need an assistant and eventually a team member such as a buyers agent. With your tried and tested scripts and templates documented, you will be able to get these team members up to speed much faster and they will start getting the same results you have enjoyed for years. Your clients will also get better service.

Here is how to start:

  1. Write down, chronologically, each client interaction from the first time you contact them through to the post sale follow up. You will want to do this separately for sellers and buyers.
  2. Then write down what you currently say during these interactions or copy and paste the emails or SMS messages that you have sent.
  3. Ask yourself how I can adjust these scripts and templates to make them more clear, concise, effective, add more value, and maybe even create a referral opportunity?
  4. Assemble the scripts and templates into documents in a shareable place like Dropbox or Google Drive.
  5. Practice these new scripts with a partner and/or begin incorporating them into your business.

First, acknowledge that you are using scripts whether you like it or not. Then, get deliberate about documenting these scripts and your templates and improving upon them. Your business will improve and your clients will receive a more consistent, quality experience!

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