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Certified Criminal Record Checks (CCRC)

If you are applying for a real estate licence for the first time, or if you have not been licensed within the past 12 months, RECA requires you to submit a Certified Criminal Record Check (CCRC) as part of their application process.

What are the CCRC requirements? 

RECA must receive your original CCRC directly from the RCMP in Ottawa. It must contain your complete legal name and date of birth as it reads on your birth certificate, citizenship card or permanent residency card.

How do I obtain a CCRC? 
You can obtain a CCRC from an accredited fingerprinting agency or police detachment that will scan your fingerprints and forward them to the RCMP Civil Fingerprint Screening Services in Ottawa. The RCMP does not accept paper-based fingerprint submissions. You’ll need to complete a Third Party Waiver of Consent so the RCMP can send it directly to RECA. There are several accredited fingerprinting agencies in Calgary and surrounding areas.

How long does it take to get a CCRC? 
The processing time for your CCRC will depend on whether or not you have a criminal record. The general wait time for an electronic submission with no criminal record match is approximately three days. Click here for up-to-date processing times communicated by the RCMP.

You can apply for your CCRC before or while completing your pre-licensing education to avoid delays.

How much does a CCRC cost?

The federal processing fee charged by the RCMP is $25. You will also be required to pay a fee to the agency for their services. This fee ranges (usually between $50-$75) but is not regulated.

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