The Labor vs Capital Investment

The Labor vs Capital Investment

Your real estate business needs investment in order to grow. There are two different ways you can invest in your business. You can invest labor into your business in the form of your time and sweat equity, and you can invest capital into your business in terms of money spent.

As you become established in your business you will have more money and therefore will be able the hirer out more tasks, hirer on companies to assist you with your marketing and lead generation, and this will free up more time to focus on higher value activities or allow you to take more time off.

If you are just starting out in real estate or you are trying to get your business ramped up again, then the vast majority of your investment will need to be in the form of your time and labor.

In this case you need to be putting in the time and working extra hard on your lead generation, your marketing and promotion, and all of the other tasks that must to be completed.

Without investment, your business will gradually decline and eventually die. Whether it be labor or capital, and likely both, always be investing into your business to ensure it thrives.