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Step by Step Guide to the Selling Process

General Steps in the Seller Process


  1. First contact and general information gathering
  2. Preview Home or CMA without preview
    • Pull Title
  3. Listing Appointment
    • Present Listing Presentation
    • Sign Consumer Relationship Guide
    • Sign FINTRAC
    • Sign Exclusive Seller Brokerage Agreement
    • Gather data for MLS® listing
  4. Prepare all the marketing for the listing
    • Professional Photos
    • Feature Sheets
    • Sign Installation
  5. Enter the listing into Matrix
  6. All documents submitted to CIR REALTY
  7. Coordinate showings with sellers
  8. Offer is received, negotiated and accepted
  9. Conditions are satisfied
  10. All documents are submitted to CIR REALTY


~30 Days Before Closing


  1. CIR REALTY (seller’s brokerage) submits relevant paperwork to the seller’s lawyer with any additional funds from deposits over and above commissions
  2. Lawyer will request Estoppel Certificate (if a condo)


~14 Days Before Closing


  1. Lawyer contacts seller to set appointment to sign
  2. Seller brings in required documents and signs paperwork
    • Seller to bring proof of ID
    • Real Property Report with Compliance


~1 – 2 Days Before Closing


  1. Buyer’s lawyer sends money from buyer and the mortgage company to seller’s lawyer


Closing Day


  1. Lawyer notifies that keys are releasable


After Closing Day – Timelines Vary Greatly (1 – 30 days)


  1. Lawyer then prepares final disbursements for seller less commissions payable
  2. Lawyer sends money to seller brokerage
  3. CIR REALTY pays commissions on same day money is received
  4. Seller brokerage sends money to buyer brokerage based on invoiced amount

-Written By Lindsey Smith, CIR REALTY – Manager of Operations and Realtor Development


Copywrite, CIR REALTY 2016 – All Rights Reserved

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