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Self-Monitoring to Win… At Anything

My weight doesn’t fluctuate very much. A pound or two here and there, and mostly based on the time of day in which I weigh myself. However, recently I let my self-indulgence with food and alcohol get a little excessive from a calorie perspective. This quickly resulted in me tipping the scale at a new all-time high and it wasn’t from packing on muscle in the gym.

It Was Time For a Change.
Anytime I have had consistent results managing my weight, typically for athletic performance reasons, I kept a log of everything that I ate. Keeping that in mind, I quickly Googled “Best Food Tracking App 2024” and discovered the app “Lose It!”. After exactly 4 weeks, I was down 13 lbs and I am on pace for my target weight in just 4 more weeks. Tracking the food made it easy to stay on track.

You Can Track Just About Anything.
In the last few years, we have implemented scorecards into almost every department at CIR REALTY, and guess what happened? The numbers that we tracked improved. It has been well documented over literally hundreds, if not thousands of years, that tracking something is one of the easiest ways to begin making progress toward an intentional outcome. This strategy is virtually free and takes a lot less time than you might think.

Why Haven’t You Done This Already?

  • Where would we track it?
  • How often?
  • Is the location where the data is to be recorded readily available and convenient?
  • How do we keep the habit of tracking top of mind?
  • When and where do we review the results?
  • Are the metrics I am tracking giving me the information I need to improve?

Another reason why we don’t follow through is that ignorance is bliss. At least in the short-term it is. It can be uncomfortable knowing where you are truly at, let alone having to go through the effort of improving it. To this, I ask, how is your current approach working to get the results you desire? Perhaps it is time to try something new. Perhaps it is time to start tracking.

Make a List and Start Tracking.
Start with 1 – 2 things that you would like to improve in your life. Then make a list of a couple of things that you can track. Then just start simply in a notebook or a notes app on your phone. Commit to checking the results each morning and ask yourself “What do I need to adjust to start seeing improvement?”. Things will begin to change for the better.

It Might Just Be the Life Hack You Need.
Self-monitoring and tracking the things in your business and life that you want to improve could be the hack you are looking for to set yourself on the right path to achieve the outcomes you desire.

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