Internally, we offer a full six week intermediate course to challenge our Realtors and bring their expertise to the next level. 



Key Activities & Business Foundation

Week One

Where do you start to build a strong, stable real estate business right from day one? What if you want to review your existing business and determine which area could use some attention? Day 1 of the Bachelor Program will provide you with in-depth checklists and the first steps that you must take to lay the foundation for your real estate business. From setting up your basic financial systems to engaging potential clients in your first week, come prepared to take action on building a successful real estate business.


Week Two

Relying on one or two marketing strategies to grow your business is very dangerous. You need multiple sources of leads for long term sustainability across all market conditions. With this said, agents are notorious for a lack of focus on strategic marketing initiatives and consistent implementation over time. Find out what marketing options Realtors have and how to assemble a long term set of marketing pillars that you can master to create multiple streams of income.

with Buyers

Week Three

Asking buyers to sign an exclusive representation agreement requires them to see the value in your services. What is your process when working with buyers and what sets you apart from other Realtors? How do you communicate this value to your buying clients? In this session, we will discuss the basic processes that need to be systematized when working with buyers and how you can add enormous value to your clients by addressing their exact fears and solving their biggest challenges.

CMA’s, Pricing & Market Statistics

Week Four

The ability to price homes accurately and to gather basic statistical data in order to interpret the market conditions are critical skills you must master. Working with sellers and buyers alike requires market knowledge and the requirement to complete CMA’s on your clients’ current and future homes. We will cover the process you need to complete a CMA and where to find, and how to interpret, the key statistics that matter to your clients the most.

with Sellers

Week Five

Sellers invest a substantial amount of money into a Realtor to get their home sold. They rely on an agent to have effective marketing skills and a strong understanding of the selling process. In this class, we will address the specific processes that need to be in place when working with sellers. We will also dissect traditional marketing issues and offer modern solutions to get maximum exposure to your client’s home and the highest sale price possible.

Contracts & Negotiation

Week Six

Our clients are expected to sign legally binding documents that have important implications to each clause. A high level of understanding of each of these agreements is imperative to offering your clients proper representation. In this course, we will be examining critical clauses in some of the important documents your clients will need to use for their transactions. Hand in hand with preparing and completing contracts is your ability to negotiate favourable terms and price for yourself and your clients. We will discuss the most common and most modern negotiation strategies that will dramatically increase your odds of getting the best deal possible for your client’s goals.

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