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Real Estate Industry Health Challenge – April 1 to June 1, 2018 – SIGN UP NOW!



CLICK HERE TO REGISTER, but read and agree to details below first.

We all know that working in the real estate industry does not make finding time for yourself in a day easy. We also know how many of us wish that we could find a way to make that time and to prioritize our own minds and bodies.

If this sounds like you, then you need this challenge!

From April 1st-June 1st 2018, our 2 month Real Estate Industry Health Challenge will give you the framework you need to start prioritizing your health as a daily habit. We have found a way to make this easy, fun and available to all ages, sizes and abilities.

Here are the details (IMPORTANT).

The challenge will track your personal progress as well as the progress of the group collectively.

* Each participant will receive a spreadsheet that they have to keep track of and submit back to us at the end of every week. If you get at least 10 points in a week (which is not hard to do), you get a star, and the number of points you have will be contributed to the group goal.

What do you get points for?

Each day you have the potential to get up to 5 points. You get one point each for achieving the following (note, this is just our initial list, we may have a few tweaks once this is all finalized!)

1. 30 minutes of activity that elevated your heart rate (walking, jogging, in home work out using an easy workout app of YouTube video, group fitness, weights at a gym, ect)
2. Drinking 1.5 Litres of water
3. Consuming no junk food, or foods with added sugar
4. Consuming no more than 1 alcoholic drink a day (we couldn’t ask you to give up drinking completely…!)
5. Consuming a minimum of 5 servings of vegetables

PLUS you can receive an extra bonus point each day for doing an extra 30 minutes of exercise in addition to your first 30 minutes.

Although you may not get a point for all 5 items each day, your goal will be to get at least a few. At the end of the week, you will add up how many points you had, and those points will be added to the group point total.

Each week, we will do a draw for a prize out of everyone who submitted their spreadsheet back to us with at least 10 points! This should be easy to do with the max number you can get (not including bonus points) is a whopping 35.

The Group Goal and Group Wind Up Celebration

Each week we will post a spreadsheet with all of our challenger’s names on it. There will be a star marked beside the people who submitted their spreadsheets back to us (with a minimum of 10 points achieved). There will also be a running total that adds up all of the points we collectively achieved that week.

At the end of the 2 months challenge, we will all go out for a fun group wind up activity. There will be 3 levels of wind up parties, good, great and BEST. Each level of activity will be based on achieving certain point level, which will motivate the challengers in the group to get as many points as they can.

Individual Goals

At the one month mark (halfway) of the challenge and at the end of the challenge, we will have certificates for everyone who achieved a minimum number of points, and also recognize the people who achieved the most points!

Weekly Group Events

Throughout the challenge, we will have a minimum of 1 external group event per week for people to participate in that will be exclusive for the use of our health challengers! You can expect to see things like spin and yoga classes, obstacle courses, group runs and walks, pilates, boot camps and much more! These classes will either be free, or at a subsidised cost (count on $15). Plus, they will all be private just to our group – FUN!

Nutrition Information

We will do our best to provide resources to help you get your nutrition up to speed, and that will include two special events hosted by nutrition and food specialists! These sessions will be exclusive and invite only for all of our challengers!

Group Communication and Motivation

All challengers will be added to private Facebook group where you will receive workout suggestions, exercise tips, recipes, motivation, event invitations and all around great group banter.

But I don’t go to a gym and I do not know how to exercise! Can I still do this?

Don’t worry. We will create home workouts for you to do that suit any level, and require absolutely no equipment or prior knowledge about how to exercise. We will also recommend free apps that walk you through simple exercise you can do in your bedroom, your office, or anywhere else. Trust us, you can do this!


There is a $40 fee for all challengers. This will help us subsidize group events, host the wind-up party and pay the administrative fees for tracking the group. For anyone registering outside of Calgary and surrounding area, there will only be a $20 charge (less ability to participate in group events).

Weigh In and Measurements (Optional)

We have worked out an inBody weigh in and measurement option for those of you that would like to really track any pounds and inches you lose during the two months. The cost for this will be $37 (regular $97) and will include a professional weigh-in, body fat analysis, and measurements by a trainer at the start and at the end of the challenge. This is an added perk for those who want it, but it is not mandatory. Weigh-ins will be held at a gym just off of Southland Drive, SW.

Your Score is Kept Private

Other than the person entering the spreadsheet info on our end, no one else will ever see your spreadsheet or know how many points you received in a given week. We will take your points and add them to the group score, but no one will know exactly how many you contributed. Of course you want to do your best, and we will always recognize people who are doing great, improving, ect! But you do not need to worry about being on display for the world.

We hope you will join us on this challenge! CLICK HERE to register.

All participants will be emailed their spreadsheets, more specific details, Facebook page access, event invites and weigh in information in the third week of March.

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