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The CIR REALTY Group Savings Program is now open to ALL REALTORs®. As an INDIVIDUAL OR CORPORATION, the program allows agents to automate their investments in a smart, diversified way, simplifying saving for short and long term goals.

Realtors have the option of allocating contributions from their commissions to an RRSP (Registered Retirement Savings Program) or a TFSA (Tax Free Savings Account). They can choose one or both depending on what works best for their personal needs. This can help agents to set aside savings for year-end tax filing and possible amounts owed, savings for a short term goal, or planning for retirement.


Real estate markets change and evolve – You need a real estate company that has experience behind it and practices ongoing innovation to meet new demands.

As a REALTOR® you face a constantly evolving environment, including changes to industry requirements, to the market and economy, new consumer expectations and behaviors and a realm of other factors that challenge your business growth. This is why choosing a real estate brokerage with a strong local history and the power to implement systems and solutions based on what is happening in your own backyard is crucial.

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