The Differences with the RMS versus CREB Measurement Rules


RECA considers May 18, 2016 as the start date that all listings must be measured using the new Residential Measurement Standards (RMS). CREB has maintained their measurement guidelines for MLS® listings and has stated that all listings must be measured by the CREB guidelines for the Total Area in Matrix.

In order to comply with the RMS rules, you must disclose in the Public Remarks what the measurements are based on RECA’s criteria (RMS =___ft2).


This means you will require two different measurements for each of your listings. Assuming that you are familiar with the CREB guidelines. Here are some of the big changes:

– CREB measurements were taken on the exterior of the foundation. With RMS, you measure at floor level to outside surface. This adds in the siding to the final total.

– Attached properties (townhouse, duplexes, semi-detached infills, etc) are measured from the centre of the common wall to the exterior foundation, but in the RECA RMS, they are now measured “paint to paint” (interior perimeter walls). This will cause a reduction in the total area compared to the CREB standard.

– CREB states that a ceiling must have 5’ of clearance to be measured (most common in 1.5 storey homes). RMS says that an above grade level must be at least 7ft ceiling height at some point to be included, and then you measure all area that has at least 5ft of clearance.

– According to CREB, additions and areas like covered patios and sunrooms must have heat and electricity. RMS takes this a few steps further and requires these rooms to have electrical powered by the main service, a permanent heat source and the room must be able to the be heated to 22 degrees Celsius at all times throughout the year.

This is not a definitive list, therefore you must read the complete RMS rules in order to ensure you remain in compliance. Here is a link to the document to get you started:


-Written by Lindsey Smith, CIR REALTY – Manager of Operations and Realtor Development


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